Sanctuary Locations

Sanctuary Locations

In order to achieve our mission of supporting natural bee population growth, Apicentre seeks to repurpose unused land and set up a “Bee Sanctuary” by planting wildflower meadows and strategically placing apicentric bee-hives. We do this by agreeing to bespoke arrangements with landowners, as well as working with local communities to identify unused land to repurpose. 

Want to help us out? As a new project, Apicentre is looking toward the future, with an eye on long-term sustainability. Your sponsorship of a Bee, Bee Hive or Bee Sanctuary is also a support for our group to expand its reach, cover more ground, and expand our list of sanctuary locations, broadening our capacity to convert a portion of the unused land we are able to secure into a suitable habitat for bees. 

There are other ways you can help though! We are always looking for open fields, unused plots and neglected land in which bees can thrive undisturbed. Legislation varies regionally, and we advise you to get in touch with your local beekeeper; but generally the locations we look for are agricultural plots of unsown land, 20m+ away from buildings or busy roads, overlooked by tall, leafy trees, and not too far from a source of freshwater.

Bee-watching Areas


La ballerina, gubbio (PG) - Italy

Latitude: 43°34’35” N

Longitude: 12°58’70” E

This is a small plot located in the beautiful Umbria region of central Italy. We plan to set up a dedicated bee-hive on the plot to attract settlement and colonisation by near/native bee populations, and support their development by planting wildflowers near it.